Clive currently acts for a variety of property investors as well as corporate clients on all types of property, from data centres and dairy factories, to football stadia and student accommodation, as well as the more typical commercial property.

With over 25 years of experience, Clive has successfully created asset allocation guides for clients, to be used by both tax and non-tax specialist users to correctly depreciate property assets. His extensive experience negotiating with HMRC and understanding claims and their scrutiny by HMRC is key to maximising claims on behalf of clients.

He has also been involved with the tax depreciation systems employed by many countries around the world, liaising with local tax consultants to formulate policy for companies that operate in many countries.

Clive also currently advises the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor on the guides to be becoming a Chartered Taxation Surveyor, as well as assessing and chairing the panel for the assessment of professional competence.

Outside of the office Clive enjoys skiing, rowing and motorbikes.