Capital Allowances and Benefits

We are specialist Capital Allowances advisors offering a tailored service from tax planning through to claim submission and agreement and negotiation with HMRC to due diligence on acquisitions, cash flow saving forecasts for investment agents, cost plan estimates for quantity surveyors, CPSE service to lawyers and creation of new efficient Capital Allowances automated systems to suit client reporting requirements incorporating all allowances including the 100% full expensing and 50% integral features.

What are Capital Allowances?

  • A tax deduction reducing the amount of corporation or income tax to be paid to HMRC

Who can claim Capital Allowances?

  • Individuals, partnerships, companies (UK and overseas) that own or occupy commercial property, are subject to UK tax and incur expenditure on purchasing, developing, refurbishing or fitting out commercial property

What property types are applicable for Capital Allowances?

  • All commercial property. Only residential houses, flats and HMOs are excluded. Capital Allowances though can be claimed on communal areas of residential properties

Is there a time restriction to claim Capital Allowances?

  • Only in certain instances when acquiring a property. There is no time restriction to claim on historic expenditure where no prior claim has been made